Creativity and Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy

I love the way IFS therapy unleashes creativity! As soon as people start to get to know the parts of themselves that have been ignored or disruptive and are in need of attention, they start to experience more ‘self’ energy, and creativity is unleashed!

Creativity may change in form and function as people continue through their IFS journey; everyone is different. People notice their perception and decision making change as they experience more calmness, curiosity, compassion and of course creativity. It might be expressed through trying new initiatives at work, experiencing joy with what was once seen as a mundane task, signing up for something new like yoga or dance class, trying new recipes, finishing that jumper they started knitting ten years ago, or feeling an urge to draw, paint and collage the parts that they are getting to know. Some people draw stick figures or smudge colours and shapes.

One of my current clients was taken by surprise when her parts presented themselves in cartoon form. She hadn’t drawn since school and thought she had ‘lost‘ her creative part somewhere in the stressors of life. My client has generously given me permission to show you her emerging parts, and she sent me this message; “I had the BEST afternoon playing. And learning, actually. I SO enjoyed myself and realised creativity is not dead after all… phew!” 

I love my job!!