January is over!!

I can’t believe my time is going by so quickly. One of my new year resolutions is to do regular monthly posts; so here’s the first for 2021.

Today, I was showing someone how to do the SoulCollage® process. Before I new it, I was looking with dismay at the part of myself that wants to get on with things, being held down by a part of me that just wants to have fun. Yes, old ‘girls just want to have fun’ too. But I’m sensing the one in the funny felt hat would like to start getting a grip (see the one being held down is gripping something… a baton?)!

I’ve already journalled using the “I am one who” dialogue, that’s part of the SoulCollage® process, and new knowing emerged. But I’m currntly really drawn to the one in the hat watching the fracas. She looks like she has seen it all before. I’m really curious about that hat. So I’ll explore it phenomenologically, ala my method (which is pretty much Jungs’ ‘active imagination’ process) straight into this post. Here goes…

Step One: Describe my experiencing.
What am I seeing? Its round, brown, sitting on top of the hair, looks a little small, beads hanging at the front.
That would all feel annoying to me.

What am I sensing? The hat seems precarious; she might be keeping her head still as it might fall off if she moves too fast.
The posture? The stance on the one in the hat says to me that she has seen it all before and she is not amused. I tried the posture out myself and it feel quite relaxed; but a sense of tediousness arose for me.
What is the function of a hat? A protection against the elements, a style or fashion item. The online dictionary adds that it can be ‘used to refer to a particular role or occupation of someone who has more than one’.

Step Two: Select the key words and phrases that are most resonant to me in this moment.
tediousness, relaxed, keeping her head, a little small, precarious, might fall off, protection against the elements, feels annoying, the stance, moves too fast.

Step Three: Allow the words to come togther in a manner that feels right.

Keeping her head
maintaining a relaxed stance

seen it all before.

Choose the right hat as protection
don’t move too fast
against annoying precarious tediousness.