What masks do you wear?

Our Public and Private Faces…

It’s normal that we behave differently with different people and in different situations. But sometimes our ‘masks’ become unhelpful and get in the way of how we really want to be in the world. Being aware of the ‘masks’ we wear can help us make more effective decisions and form more authentic relationships.

This week myself, and a small group of inquirers, started exploring ‘Our Public and Private Faces’. So far, it has been insightful, evocative and fun!


Therapist, Sam Louie (2018), often asks his clients to “create two masks of themselves: theoutside” mask they allow others to see and the “inside” mask that few people see. What’s extraordinary about this exercise is not only the differences that come up between the images, but also how the unconscious aspects of one’s self becomes much more evident.  Clients who may never verbally share this information, feel it’s permissible to do it via art.  In other words, this creative exercise similar to other artistic endeavours can bypass a person’s conscious efforts to hold back certain thoughts and feelings because the exercise itself can provide containment for their fears of rejection, judgment, and insecurities.”

You can read more about this process at https://www.psychologytoday.com/au/blog/minority-report/201803/the-masks-we-wear.