Pondering self care…

In Tuesday’s Mindful Art Therapy session, seven residents reflected upon how and what they do, to nurture and look after themselves.

Firstly, we practiced focusing on our felt sensing, and followed this with a guided visualization.  I decided to broaden the classic art therapy ‘Rosebush‘ activity to encompass ‘a plant’ because in the past I sensed being a ‘rose bush’ restricted the imagination of some participants.  Then, at the end of the visualization, participants were invited to create a representation of their experience using any medium they felt comfortable with i.e. drawing, collage etc.

It was fascinating to see the diversity that emerged; large trees that reached the sky, fern trees nurtured by rain forest canopy, a cacophony of plants and vines surrounding a stream  and strong branches holding an abundance of foliage.  My heart was full as I listened to the meaningful descriptions that held love, hopes and dreaming.

Unfortunately, I seem to have lost a couple of the snaps from the session, but I hope you’ll get a sense of the overall experience.