Sharing Resource links…

I often spend time browsing the net to keep up to date with research and learn how other like minded people, in other parts of our world, are using creativity as a from of inquiry. I love discovering new and interesting approaches and finding ‘the same old same old‘ presented in a new way.

I also find myself amazed and grateful by the generous and gifted people, just like us, who share their process for free or at a low cost. So I thought I’d start to share some of my finds, and I hope you too find something interesting, inspiring and enjoyable.

Today, I’m sharing a website called ‘Workshop Muse’ where Rachel Rose, a Canadian therapist and educator, shares her thoughts and processes about creative inquiry, she writes
  I have learned that we only really find peace and connection when we
  get messy in the trenches of life, doing and making things, not
  standing on the sidelines lost in our minds. Whether it’s stress and
  anxiety, parenting, relationships, or our day-to-day lives, the challenges
  of living in this modern age require us to stop looking at our screens,
  stop seeking experts selling us quick fixes, and instead get messy and
  inspired in order to find our own solutions.
You can find more of her ideas at –

Here is one of her processes I enjoyed doing…
  Lesson 3. Create a life of non-judgement.