I was feeling unsure… vulnerable.

My friend (an art therapist) said ‘choose some figures from my new collection’. I obliged although I didn’t really feel like playing.  I placed them on a large piece of paper and moved them around until they ‘felt right’.  I felt my energy shift as my curiosity arose. 

I looked at the postures of the figurines and I copied their gestures.  I wrote down what came to mind as I experienced how the gestures felt in my own body.   I was really struck by the difference of feeling the weight enter my legs and feet as I stood steady on the ground. I felt strong.

As my intuitive words and phrases came together easily in a statement of knowing, I felt the embodied truth of it in my being…

Clinging to the past
never the right moment
to open up
and stand firm

Led by my embodied knowing
I am ready
stepping out
determined, purposeful and steady.  

Interestingly, when I look back on my week, decision making was easier. I was less afraid to say what I thought and felt more myself. I stood in my truth.