Final Session of Restorative Professional Supervision Group for 2018

This year seems to have sped by at the speed of light!  I can’t believe it’s already the end of November and the Restorative Supervision Group has also come to an end for this year.

For those that don’t know, my Restorative Supervision groups are based on the premise that practitioners need not only to be aware of their clinical skills, knowledge and performance, but also mindful of personal factors that may interfere with their professional effectiveness and self care. In keeping with professional practice recommendations, the Restorative Supervision group offers
– shared experiences with others who are on similar journeys
– personal sense-making opportunities
– access to resources that support further personal and professional exploration
– connections with other people also committed to their own long-term development.

We held the final group for the year last week, and as we normally do, each group member shared their professional news and issues over a coffee or cuppa. It’s always interesting to hear what happens between group meetings; job changes and promotions, difficult situations eased by the sharing of information and support from the group, and insights about practice and improved personal confidence are just some of what I noticed.

We follow the updates and debrief with an experiential activity. The focus of this final group was self care and planning for next year. Everyone wanted to experience the effects therapeutic drawing as a self-care strategy, so we did just that!  We drew patterns, and just noticed what was happening in our bodies and minds. All reported they felt relaxed and found it easy and fun; expressing surprise at how their patterns developed and how good the final products looked.

We then discussed our experiences of being part of the group this year and I’ll share our creative inquiries in the next blog post.