How did I get to be so lucky?

Here I go again… gushing about my job! The fact is, I love facilitating the Therapeutic Drawing series at Directions Health. I take great joy and comfort in knowing I don’t have to do very much; just share in the creative activity and reap the benefits. The studies are right! Participants always say that they feel more relaxed at the end of the session, no matter what drama or chaos is happening in their lives, and I get to feel the therapeutic effects as well.

A new series of Therapeutic drawing workshops begin again next week, and I found myself at a bit of a loss as what to do in this gap week between courses. As I waded through my storage shelves looking for inspiration, I came across a small box containing a collection of traditional Chinese Brush painting materials I hadn’t used for ten years! I was delighted to find the ink hadn’t dried out, there was enough shuen practice paper and six teeny tiny fine blue and white china ink bowls. I wanted the class to be special and hoped I had enough traditional brushes. Then, at the bottom of the box I came across a selection of old brushes wrapped in cloth.

As I unwrapped the brushes, a memory came flooding back to me as clear as if it was today. My brush painting teacher was gathering together her used student brushes and she said, ‘You take them Robyn, you might need them one day’. Whilst I facilitated many groups in those days, Chinese Brush Painting wasn’t on my agenda. So I graciously accepted her gift and then packed them away, until Tuesday. I then dusted off a few Chinese Brush Painting tomes and packed my art therapy trolley.

The session was fun. I could feel my body relax as I practiced the basic strokes and created the traditional bamboo form.  Group members sounded a bit disappointed when I told them it was a ‘one off’ event. Maybe I’ll reconsider my decision on this one!!
Collage 2018-11-01 15_05_33So lucky!