Mental Health Week Art Therapy Display

People coming to Directions Health this month are greeted by a display of evocative creativity along the Hallway Gallery.  This is the second year people attending the art therapy program at Directions have shared their  inquiry process and representations.   Please drop in and have a look!

The display features samples of work from the four programs I currently facilitate:

  • Mindful Art Therapy is a fortnightly workshop for residents in Arcadia House short-term rehabilitation program. The workshops are based on International best practice and compliment the ‘therapeutic community’ process.
  • Expressive Mindfulness group brings together the concepts and practice of mindfulness and personal inquiry which supports  a person’s holistic approach to their recovery.
  • SoulCollage(R) is a method of self-discovery through the creation and intuitive analysis of a deck of collaged cards. It is a gentle way to explore the self and come to terms with past and current experiences.
  • Therapeutic Drawing lowers stress and increases the relaxation response. In this group we draw patterns and use colour within a supportive group environment.

The picture above shows a table display of work from one-off workshops.

This year we had an ‘official opening‘ morning tea coinciding with Mental Health week. People who know me won’t be surprised by the following photo; in my element describing therapy processes to a captured (and hopefully enraptured) audience!!


For me, the most beautiful and moving part of the opening occurred when participants of the program spontaneously described their experiences.  I have permission to share creative representations with you.

I have the best job in the world!