Welcome to the cave…

Some people refer to my studio as ‘the cave’ and I guess it is! I love to feel its cosy ambiance; enclosed by warm red brick,  outsider art lines the walls, a table on which to create and share with others, and on the left is a desk piled with my ‘work in progress‘. I often sketch or read in my comfy green chair.  Soft rugs cover the floor. It’s hard not to notice Jim Morrison when one walks through the cave door.

Not shown above is the messy painting wall where I, and others, use our intuition and paint whatever emerges. I also have another corner full of shelves loaded with art supplies. I love being in this space where I feel all at once an embodied sense of anticipation, peacefulness and safety. It’s like I am being hugged and have arrived ‘home’.

Do you have a space where you feel like you have arrived ‘home’?