Wednesday SoulCollage

I love Wednesday afternoon SoulCollage(R) group; time to sit in a peaceful healing space and discover a little more about ones self!

IMG_1305  IMG_1308  IMG_1310  IMG_1314

In SoulCollage(R) group, we create collage cards that represent some aspect of ourselves or experience. We make a mess, sifting through magazines and boxes of pictures, seeking images that resonate with our deeper knowing. We might share stories and have a laugh, sometimes expressing a sadness or frustration.

Often I notice the room becomes quiet; a palpable silence akin to being in a spiritual space. Then, an ‘aha’ moment might break the spell, and we return to the world to share our insights.   IMG_1526Group members say they feel calmer and more relaxed during and after the group. They also report better decision making and self regulation.  I am not surprised that recent research states that ‘quiet’ time is beneficial for developing insight and is linked to better decision making.

And you never know who might show up…IMG_1528