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A few years ago I became deeply moved by a book written by Sharon Strouse, called ‘Artful Grief‘. Sharon describes her experience after the death of her daughter, and how she found collage, and then the ‘SoulCollage(R)’ process, a gentle way to find healing and give voice to her unspeakable grief and loss. She says creating collage is

‘an opportunity to quiet the mind and open the heart.  … an opportunity to be with your life as it is.  … an opportunity to come to the edge of your joy and sorrow,  your fear, courage, rage, shame, pride, your nothing and your everything.  … an opportunity to create and get out of your own way, trusting that what emerges is perfect.  … an opportunity to tear, cut, paste, draw, paint and embellish your creation.  … an opportunity to allow formlessness to come into form.  … an opportunity to pour what you keep inside, out onto the paper.  … an opportunity to bear witness to the mystery of life moving through you.

And today, I created ‘SoulCollage(R)‘ cards with ‘Compassionate Friends‘, and my heart soared.  I love sharing the ‘SoulCollage(R)’ process and especially so with this small group of courageous and compassionate women.  Here are our collaged cards …

comp friends July 2018SoulCollage(R)‘ cards, Compassionate Friends, July 2018
(with permission of the artists)

About Compassionate Friends

Compassionate Friends provides understanding and friendship to bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents. The group offers support in the trauma and grief that follows the death of a child. Locally, the voluntary staff of Compassionate Friends, ACT and Queanbeyan,  hold regular support meetings, social events, memorial ceremonies and resources including a reference library and a quarterly newsletter. You can find out more by visiting their website –


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  1. Annie FINLAY says:

    What an enjoyable palpable way to explore the inner self. It is a gentle and pleasing process, non-confronting yet confronting at the same time. The anticipation and fear of going deep within when you have lost a child, can be daunting, but I must go there to try and find some meaning in the aftermath of the death of my son. Some of us profess to have no creative talents but each card created in these sessions are beautiful and profoundly gratifying. Thank you Robyn, your kind gentle instruction makes the process all the more satisfying. Aine


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