Another abstract word collage

Today, I intended to follow the same process I presented in the previous post, but this time I worked on an unpleasant emotion.  Interestingly, I forgot all about the contemplation part of the process (steps three & four) and found myself quite literally, cutting to the cutting up!IMG_1295I found the words to express my embodied feeling of unpleasantness quite quickly. By the time I had finished cutting up the words and phrases, I couldn’t remember what they were, and I certainly couldn’t recognise them anymore! Importantly, I noticed as I was chopping up the words, I felt an easing of the tension in my body with every snip!


By the time I had finished my abstract creation, I felt clear. It took about 15 minutes to get from feeling unpleasant to peaceful.

Note: This is a wonderfully quick and easy process for regulating unwanted healthy emotional responses. However, if you have ongoing overwhelming emotional responses,  you may need to be guided by your mental health professional.