The inner team: a moment of emergence…


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He placed his emerging team in a line. I noticed the blank card and the space between the images. I smiled to myself; his representations often contain ‘space’.  When I turned again to look his way, I noticed he had glued an image to the blank card. He sat quietly, looking down at his representations. ‘What are you experiencing’ I asked. IMG_1268He sat for a while longer and then touching the ‘part’ on the far-right-hand side of his emerging team, he explained, “This is about what I wear… the right clothes and all that…”

He was quiet for a while and then added “I am sick of being careful all the time”.

Of course, this is the one holding me back”, he said pointing to the beer image.

This is what watches and supports”, he whispered, gently touching the card holding images of two pups.

I notice you found an image for the blank card”, I said.

“I’m really like old buildings, archaeology and ancient relics… I feel connected… to something bigger”, he explained.

He seemed to go into himself. I waited.

I’m having a moment”, he said.

“Can you tell me what’s emerging’, I asked him.

This angry dog”, he said pointing to the image of a dog baring its teeth. “I feel… angry… resentful… I didn’t know I was resentful… I feel resentful… I didn’t know… why am I the one born this way… why me?… I didn’t know… I’m having a moment”.

I noticed his face and shoulders relax as he described his ‘moment’. 

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Arts based therapy approaches can provide a link between what is already known and what is waiting to be known within our sensing body.