An ‘Inner Team’ activity

IMG_1265Meet some of my current ‘inner team’

I was facilitating an art therapy group in a rehabilitation centre this week, when the conversation turned to how they wanted to change their unhelpful behaviours, and how they always seemed to sabotage themselves.

I briefly shared what I know about the workings of our ‘inner team’. The group said they wanted to know more, and I suggested that we could explore these parts of ourselves. We decided our inquiry would focus on what parts of ourselves we felt were helpful, or not helpful, in helping us attain our goals.

I didn’t have a great selection of art materials on hand, and I needed to keep the process as simple as possible due to a tight timeframe. I also wanted to support people to work with how and what emerged naturally for them. So, as we talked about how we might approach our inquiry, I started to cut a landscape A4 piece of card into four long strips, and everyone began to follow suit.

The group was very quiet as they cut, pasted or drew their representations. It was a quick representation to create as the small size of the card held only one or two images. Some people made only one card, and others created 5 or 6 ‘parts’ that help and don’t help. We finished in time to describe our experience, and name our ‘parts’, in our own words and in our own way. Everyone was different. Everyone said they found the process interesting and helpful.

I ended up creating the following four representations of the parts of my inner team that wanted to be seen today and need my attention. feeling frustrated, the need to shake it up a bit, not speaking my truth and holding back.
                                                IMG_1263   IMG_1262   IMG_1261

Working with our ‘inner team’ can be very revealing and helpful in freeing stuck energies. Looking at the hard stuff doesn’t have to be an arduous and distressing process.

A couple of group members gave me permission to share their cards, and I’ll do so in the next couple of posts.