Inspiration from art therapy group

arcadia collage march 2018These are collages were created by the group of inquirers who inspired me to finally start this blog.  The art therapy session commenced with a roundabout discussion of how we look after ourselves when we are feeling stressed.  The conversation then expanded into what we would like, or are planning to do, to look after ourselves and achieve our goals in the near future.

It was during our conversation about future aspirations that I shared my desire to start a blog. I said I was feeling a bit stuck on how to start. Everyone in the group said they would like to help me spread the word about the benefits of art therapy through my Blog. They said they found our sessions calming and insightful.

I love my job! I’m always delighted by the diversity of my inquirer’s creativity and their emerging stories. I never cease to be moved by their openness, as they describe the personal meanings their art represents. Now, with their permission, I share their art and some vignettes of emerging processes in the posts that follow.