My first post!

Finally, I’m starting…

I’ve been talking about writing an art therapy blog for a long time. I have broken many promises to myself about starting.  I am afraid it won’t be good enough. Then this week in a regular art therapy group I facilitate in a residential program, as we all shared our hopes and aspirations, I told them about my desire to write a blog and how I doubted it would be ‘good enough’.

The group, all struggling with their own self doubts, encouraged me by offering to share their creative representations and meanings that had emerged for them during the mornings process. I felt so moved and humbled by their generosity and encouragement, that I made a promise to them that I would begin the blog.  I can’t renege now!!

Please join me, and when I have their permission, some of the people I work with as we share what emerges for us during our arts based inquiries.